“The Greatest Invitation”


TOTAL ONSLAUGHT is a Bible study of Prof. Walter J. Veith.
Is a series of 36 videos, and refers to the Attack on the Truth of the LORD JESUS CHRIST with false doctrines, even those that claim to be Christian but are not, and use the name of CHRIST to be accepted.
It is an analysis of the WORD OF GOD contained in the book of Daniel and Revelation.

Prof. Walter J. Veith is a respected scientist and Christian, and is a specialist in exegesis; that is, the comment or dissertation that aims to clarify or interpret a text or a word in detail.


God Bless you!

6 Replies to ““The Greatest Invitation””

  1. “We have today on our planet a living, real representative of all the deities of Babylon. In other words, the clothing, the title: pontifex maximus, can all bind through history, and are all present in the papacy. (…) This system represents (…)
    You can not serve Baal and another god at the same time. You can not serve good and evil at the same time. You can not have two masters. So there is a choice to make.
    Now if we know that this system does not represent Jesus Christ but represents the ‘light bearer’, the hidden name of lucifer, then we must make the decision. (…)
    In the highest circles, (…) they know exactly what they are worshiping. (…) what god they worship. (…)
    Then we have a king of Babylon today, (…) If any man bows down before him and accept his authority, above the authority of God, then that person is prostrating himself to the system, and becomes a subject of the king of Babylon; and we as Christians should not do that. (…)
    But everything is hidden under the garments of Christianity, and when you do that you can call it DECEIT.”
    219 – The Wine of Babylon / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith (video 1:52:10)

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  2. “There is a system on this earth which claims that it is above God, which is higher than God, and has authority in his life more than the authority of God, and that very soon this test will come to a point; when this authority will be tested, and your faithfulness will be in question, and you will then be asked to choose, one or the other; if you choose one, you will choose the BEAST, you will get your mark, but if you choose the other, then you will get the mark or the Seal of God, and you will be sealed to God.”
    217 – The Crime of All Ages / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith (video 1:20:24)

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  3. See that is the great mystery of the Bible, God designed it so well that even atheist feel the need to pick out scriptures and pick them apart. Scientists will never be able to figure out how the world was created, some recognize the Bible of importance and some denounce it, because of the mystery of the Bible. God revealed to me one night a few weeks ago that the world was created by some magnificent math problem. The Lord loves numbers, we can put a number on anything in life. Our lives have been created and predestined by a ginormous math problem that only God will ever know the answer to. He designed it this way so that it would be impossible for Scientists to figure out how the world was made. Our lives our numbered by death, even famous events in history have happened on the same dates as events that have happened in the Old Testament. For example the Smita, the Shmita was created by God to erase everyone’s debt every seven years, and has been that way every since the Bible was created. Now do we see our debts erased every seven years no. However, every seven years there is a huge stock market crash or an economy fails, this is due to the Shmita. The Shmita predicts the crashes of economies all the way to the specific date, hour, and second every seven years. Scientists who try and figure out how the world was created without the Bible, are doing so much research, but yet all the research their doing is for nothing, and they refuse to accept that. People say they are Christ but are not for Social Validation, because everyone wants to feel accepted at all times. Having a relationship with God is the deepest and most wholesome feelings a human will ever be able to experience.

    Read https://goodvibesnation.wordpress.com/2017/08/31/signs-of-the-earth-aug-31-2017/

    This is the night the Lord revealed the myster of numbers to myself. For some reason I had this huge urge to write like I have never written before. The words were free flowing and I was amazed at what I was being revealed.



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      1. See a scientist without God is like a fish without water, they can swim but will never be revealed the full truth of the world. Scientists who have a deep relationship with God will be revealed things so much more than a Scientist without God. Rabbi Cahn has taught me more aspects about the mysteries of the Bible more than I could have ever fathomed. I recommend hearing some of his teachings. He has been blessed in my opinion more than any scientist ever could be as far as revelations of God. I’m glad that you enjoy talking about God 🙏🏻


  4. I really like this video. I like that fact that a scientist is explaining biblical truths. I love this post and it’s very revealing, insightful and refreshing. Everything about the messiah was predicted and fulfilled in Jesus Christ. All the precisions are there in the Old Testament. ❤️❤️❤️


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